Self Defense Family split 7''


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released November 9, 2013

Recorded by Patrick, Dylan, Rafael, Mikey, Tommy
Both Mikes quit and Jesse came back.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Christian Padron. February 2013.

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AXIS Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Eradicate
I see your outlandish ways
sought for attention to fill this misconception
you've built a wall so high you can't scale
your backbiting only builds my aspiration
to take this fucking hammer and cave you in
indifference to be viewed as different
unsupportive of equality
you try to elude people into thinking you're educated
you don't know a fucking thing.
you hold on to an once of hope that this might take you somewhere
that you might conjure up wings and being to soar
i see that hope in your eyes
just know i will burn your wings and refuse your flight.
Track Name: Wolf and Sheep
scratch the surface of the belly of the beast
you disregard the meaning of sacrifice
you feel as though you stand on solid ground
seeing eye to eye with your peers
i watch your words crumble at your feet
collapse and desecrate
you start to sink alone beneath
your hollow mind you strive so hard to seek
self-involved, alone, weak
i'm sick of hearing your broken hymns for centuries
sick of seeing your deceit
i have no hope for you
i watch your words crumble at your feet
i saw your words spew form your mouth
you stand in silence removed to seem unique
i have no hope for you .